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Wuxi Xuelang Alloy Steel Foundry
Add : No.12 Changkang Road,
          Binhu District,WuXi,China
Zip : 214161
Contact Person : Weijie Zhu
Tel :0086-510-85184888
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Snow wave alloy steel casting participated in the exhibition of the ninth Session of China Thermal Association
Publisher:admin  Date:2020/9/29  Click:1632

The ninth member representative Conference of China Heat Treatment Industry Association and the 14th five-year Development Forum of China Heat Treatment Industry were held in Changzhou, Jiangsu province from September 22 to 24. In the golden autumn season of "Haze in China, sweet osmanthus fragrance in the north and south of the Yangtze River", the colleagues of heat treatment industry get together again to hold the grand meeting of the industry once every four years.

The 9th Council was elected by secret ballot, and 160 directors including CAI Yixin and 51 executive directors including Chen Fei were elected. Elected comrade Li Xinya China the ninth session of the council chairman, Dong Xiaohong, li Ming, xiangfeng, Li Yiming, beam, Luo Yongmin, QiShunYin harvest, Qiu Peng, Song Baojing, chang, ying-hui wei, summer Wu Jing, md, Xu Dehui, Yin 闫牧夫, peace, Yu Tiesheng, Zhou Defu and xiao-jun zhu 19 comrade to deputy director, elected comrade Lv Dongxian secretary general. The general Assembly elected the Board of supervisors, elected Tong Xiaohui as chief supervisor, Pan Lin as deputy chief supervisor, and Yu Weijiang, Zhang Kebin, Qiu Jianming and other three comrades as supervisors.

Fight in this meeting, as has been dedicated in the casting industry leader in 25 years of wuxi xuelang alloy foundry was awarded "China heat treatment industry association member units", "advanced member unit", the helm Zhu Weijie comrade was elected "China the ninth session of the board of directors", "China craze association outstanding entrepreneurs" and other honorary title, thanks to China association of xuelang alloy steel, to thank colleagues fighting in casting a line of support and love, to fight in China heat treatment industry predecessors "spirit" to salute!

The foundry industry is the foundation of the industry, I believe that under the leadership of China Thermal Association, the foundry industry in China has been adhering to and loving the industry for several years, the foundry industry will have a better future! We hand in hand never forget the original heart forge ahead will forge artisan spirit to the end! Do high - quality commercial heat treatment enterprises!

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